Custom Umbrellas For Wedding

China original umbrella manufacturer, wholesale transparent clear umbrella for wedding&photography to wedding company, umbrella supplier, wholesaler, distributor, and so on. Bulk wedding umbrellas wholesale with transparent color, unique design, and high quality, has been welcomed to our customers.

About Bulk Wedding Umbrellas

  • OEM/ODM Service Offered. MOQ: 1000 pcs
  • Custom Service: Custom Wedding umbrella’s pattern, color, small&big, handle, frame, umbrella canopy, etc.
  • Types: Bridal Umbrella, Groom Umbrella, Wedding Umbrellas For Bridesmaids, Decorated Umbrellas for Weddings, Outdoor Wedding Umbrellas, Umbrella For Wedding Photography, Wedding Umbrellas for Guests.
  • Features: Eye-catching, Fashion&Stylish, Sun-block, Beautiful Look.

XJ Umbrella provides the hottest, fashion, and popular wedding umbrellas wholesale. Within 10 years, our wedding umbrella has been exported to the USA, UK, France, India, Brazil, Argentina, and more than 30 counties,and given wedding best wishes to more than 10,000 pair brides and grooms.