Different Types of Umbrellas

Umbrella, meaning shading and shadow, has more than 4000 years of history. In the earliest, it appeared in the early populated cities. In many countries of the world, umbrellas have also been the symbol of solemnity and emperor.


After the birth of the umbrella in China, with the expansion of opening up and exchanges, it gradually spread to foreign countries. At the end of the 18th century, umbrella appeared in New York for the first time. A few decades later, umbrellas gained the Pope’s interests. The umbrella was originally invented as a sunshade tool, but now it is often used to keep off the rain. With the advancement of the times, there are more and more different types of umbrellas, and the field of their usage is becoming more extensive.

By purpose:

  • Rain Umbrella

As an indispensable household item, an umbrella is generally used for keeping off the rain and most of them are made of waterproof fabric without anti-ultraviolet function. It is the most common type of umbrella, also called classic umbrella.

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  • Sun umbrella

The function of sun umbrella, anti-ultraviolet, easily can be seen from its name. Compared with the classic umbrella, the umbrella stand of the sun umbrella is lighter, and some of the ribs of it are non-metallic materials. In addition, the biggest difference is that the surface and material of the sun umbrella are special, making the sunshade function particularly great, and the ultraviolet rays are blocked outside the surface.

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  • Sun-Rain umbrella

A sun-rain umbrella can not only be used to shelter against the sun on a hot afternoon but to keep off the rain on a rainy day. However, most sun-rain umbrellas have light colors with the relatively weaker ability to shelter against the sun, so the sheltering effect is reluctant.

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  • Golf umbrella

Big, solid, high-end, delicate are the main features of this kind of umbrella. The surface and structure it has can effectively resist wind and are not easy to be turned over. With strict product quality control, golf umbrella is widely used in high-end hotels and as business gifts.

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  • Wind Resistant Umbrella

Also called storm umbrella, it is designed for businessmen on their way to the office, making them feel safe with the protection of wind resistant umbrella against the bad weather. It can also protect a 3-person family and make them comfortable and safe with the help of its large surface, strong structure, and durable materials.

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  • Beach umbrella

Often the umbrella surface is so large that a strong man needs to shoulder it. It is used when people play and rest on the beach and under the sun. The condition where it used decides that it must be the test of time under the blazing sun for quite a long time. When you use it, you usually insert the beach umbrella into the beach and fix it. People can play happily under the beach umbrella.

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  • Automatic umbrella

Automatic operation enjoys an amazing and exotic behavior of the one who uses an automatic umbrella. You can automatically open or close the umbrella with a touch of a button that is at the bottom of the shaft. Portable and light, the umbrella can be handled with one hand. Be careful when you open it and watch around if there is anyone else.

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  • Fishing umbrella

The fishing umbrella is an auxiliary accessory for fishing. It mainly helps fishermen shelter against wind, rain and ultraviolet radiation during fishing. The quality of its material must stand multiple bad conditions so that fishermen can feel comfortable and immerse in the fun of fishing.

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  • Artistic umbrella

With a sophisticated design, artistic umbrella belongs to the category of handicrafts. Often seen in traditional Chinese society, most of the artistic umbrellas are made of noble woods, playing the role of being appreciated by men of letters as a topic of conversation.

  • Painting umbrella

Painting umbrella allows you to draw a variety of patterns and pictures on the umbrella surface. The surface definitely is pure color, mostly white, which is convenient for painting. This kind of umbrella is mostly used for children to practice painting and improve their aesthetic taste.

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  • Embroidery umbrella

Embroidered umbrella means that its surface is embroidered traditional and conventional patterns and figures by hand or computer according to the design. With traditional classic style, the Embroidered umbrella is one of the excellent national traditional crafts in China. Although it provides the function of keeping off the rain, it is too fragile to resist the wind. As a kind of embroidery umbrella, lace umbrella has many years of history as a kind of folk craft. The edge of its surface is hollowed, having an elegant decorative effect.

  • Pencil umbrella

Because of its slim and delightful shape, it is named pencil umbrella. The thickness of the umbrella keel is indeed in the degree of the pencil, which makes people worry that it will be broken at any time. This type of umbrella is widely popular because of its small size and portability.

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  • Bottle umbrella

Can you imagine a cute and beautiful bottle is an umbrella? Yes, it is. The umbrella can be folded as a bottle? Exactly! Elegant, fashionable, light and innovative, bottle umbrella is the hot and new product in the market. Rotating the bottleneck, it is an umbrella; folding the umbrella into the bottle, it avoids wetting the floor or clothes; getting the hidden sling, it is convenient to hang on the wall. With this kind of artwork, you will not remember to carry it.

  • Kettle umbrella

Similar to and different from bottle umbrella, bottle umbrella has the design and more elements of sports, movements, and portability. Folded as a kettle that no one can find that it is an umbrella, kettle umbrella also has much market potential, especially in the field of sportsman, students and mountain climber.


  • Tent umbrella (folding tent umbrella, Advertising tent)

Tent umbrellas are divided into pinnacle roof tent and flat roof tent with the same kind of four legs. Commonly used in indoor and outdoor exhibitions, promotions, food festivals, tourism festivals, outdoor recreation, etc., the unique appearance, beautiful style, semi-automatic folding brackets of tent umbrella are simple to fold, easy to carry, becoming an ideal product for outdoor protection against the ultraviolet. Different from pinnacle roof tent, flat roof tent should be used to avoid rainy days for its structure, lacking the ability to remove water.

  • Advertising umbrella (advertising sun umbrella)

Colorful and good visual effects, its pattern is designed freely. Having various structures, it is beautiful and durable with the highest quality yet the most competitive price. It has become an important form of advertising for corporate.

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  • Kids umbrella

Colorful and whimsical designs and cartoons must be the favorite of kids. Kids umbrella caters to the kids who may pursue to their typical characters. The structure and size are customized for kids. Just holding it and singing when kids go. This will make kids feel safe and happy under the protection of umbrellas.

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By foldable or not:

  • Straight umbrella (straight umbrella)

a hooked grip is a typical feature of a classic straight umbrella. It is called pencil umbrella because it is like a pencil when the umbrella is closed. This type of umbrella is semi-automatic when you click the button to open it and close it manually. The long handle gives more solid support of the umbrella. The downside is that you can’t put it in the bag because it lacks portability and it’s easy to lose it.

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  • Foldable umbrella (two-fold umbrella, Three-fold umbrella, Five-fold umbrella)

The two-fold umbrella combines the windproof function of a long-handled umbrella and is more convenient to carry than a straight umbrella. Due to the difficulty that you should move all bones manually one by one when you close it, the two-fold umbrella gradually withdraws from the market.

Smaller and more portable, the three-fold umbrella is an improved type of two-fold umbrella after the latter appears on the market, but its ability to resist wind and heavy rain is a little inferior.

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The five-fold umbrella is smaller than the three-fold umbrella, easy to carry. It disadvantages exist in the storage. It is more difficult to fold and needs the patience to make up it, the umbrella surface is relatively small

By texture:

  • Nylon umbrella

Nylon is a common texture of umbrellas with high strength and good feeling. It feels like silk on the hand and has anti-wrinkle property, which can stand the back and forth move by hand. However, this kind of cloth has a shortcoming that is greatly affected by the humidity of the atmosphere, and the umbrella cloth will be tightened more severely.

  • Plastic umbrella

Plastic umbrella is transparent umbrellas which are made of POE or PVC plastic fabrics. It has been popular in recent years, especially in Japan. With its relatively harder texture, it is more suitable for the straight umbrella, giving a competitive price.

  • Cloth umbrella

It is an umbrella firstly popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Nowadays, this umbrella becomes a new category, and has different kinds of sub-categories such as cotton fabric satin fabric, polyester fabric and pearl fabric, making the feeling like cloth. Made of these ‘clothes’, cloth umbrella is relatively stronger and larger with thicker surface than the umbrella of the current sun umbrella.

  • Oil-paper umbrella

The oil-paper umbrella is a paper umbrella originating from China and also spread to other parts of Asia. Jiangnan classical craftwork of oil paper umbrella is an outstanding representative of it. The oil-paper umbrella is widely collected by and museum and men of letters for its folk cultural value, ornamental decoration value, as well as it high collection value.

In the 1970s, due to the popularity of steel frame umbrellas, oil paper umbrellas were replaced by a steel frame and foldable umbrellas, and oil paper umbrellas gradually withdrew from the market. With the development of the world economy, oil-paper umbrella, as traditional handcrafts, goes out of Asia and are sold to the world. It is often sold as a souvenir of art for tourists who travel to Asia.


Final words

The role of the umbrella has been recognized by the vast population of the world. It has become a must-have item for everyone to travel and go out. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of the style and function of umbrellas is constantly galvanizing people to seek new ideas. Umbrellas also bring a lot of convenience and fun for us.

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